• Welcome to Breezy Point Timeshare

    RCI Resort #5542

    Pelican Center
    Check In Desk & Recreation Facility

    30199 County Road 4
    Breezy Point MN 56472

    At the intersection of
    County Road 11 & County Road 4

    Call us: (218) 562-6400
  • Marina Bay is located on Breezy Bay of Pelican Lake. The only association that has one, two and three bedroom units.

    Units 551 & 559 are the one bedrooms, one bath and sleep four.

    Units 552,554,555 & 558 are the two bedrooms units with two bath and sleep six.

    Units 553,556 & 557 are the three bedrooms, sleep 8. The three bedrooms have 2 1/2 baths and a washer/dryer.

    All units feature a full kitchen, TV/VCR and gas fireplace in the living area and a garage for parking or storage. With a view of the lake, these units share a common area complete with shared boat docks and gas grills.

    Summer also brings use of the neighboring Pelican Bay outdoor pool.

  • Marina Bay TSOA Board of Directors

  • President

    Dean Birnstengel
  • Vice President

    Carol Roquette
  • Secretary/Treasurer

    Barb Hennen
  • Secretary

    Bruce Bundgaard
  • Board Member

    Sid Strong