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    RCI Resort #5542

    Pelican Center
    Check In Desk & Recreation Facility

    30199 County Road 4
    Breezy Point MN 56472

    At the intersection of
    County Road 11 & County Road 4

    Call us: (218) 562-6400
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    There are 11 individual Timeshare Owner's Associations that are a part of Breezy Point Timeshare.  Although some of units may be similar, each association has it's own unique features.  You may visit the Associations page to look at each of these associations.  Narveson Management Inc. (NMI) has been contracted to care for the properties and members of the associations.  As the management company, they are responsible for all operations of the resort including:  maintenance of the grounds and units, housekeeping, front desk, reservations, and accounting.

    In addition to Breezy Point Timeshare, NMI also manages North Beach Resort in Park Rapids and Causeway on Gull in Nisswa, as well as several other homeowner's associations. 

    NMI is the product and vision of CEO, Neal Narveson and his partner CFO, Tom Turk, and was founded in 1998, in Breezy Point, Minnesota.  Both partners have extensive backgrounds in timeshare and condominium management, accounting and finance, and general resort management services.

    Aside from timeshare management, NMI is also involved in hotel operations, restaurant operations, and real estate development.  However, property management contracts make up the majority of their workload and are their primary corporate focus.

    If you have any questions regarding your association, the resort, reservations, or maintenance fees, please call (218) 562-6400 and your call will be forwarded appropriately, or you click on contact form to email us.